Saturday, April 20, 2013

A is for Aidan - thank you Mrs. F!

Life is good when you're a six year old looking at a scrapbook made just for you!

This ABC book was a gift from Aidan's kindergarten teacher.  Each letter had a picture of Aidan along with the alphabet letter represented three ways:  

  • with big, bright letters, 
  • there was the sign-language representation, 
  • and there was a tactile felt letter.  
My favourite page is "S is for Sick" with a picture of Aidan as the willing patient in the Humpty Dumpty Medical Centre.  

Aidan's kindergarten teacher was very special.  The bond the two of them had was beyond amazing. . .and beyond what I'd ever hoped for.  In writing this little post, I've come to realize something that this wonderful and gifted teacher understands that she made a difference in his life at school, but I don't think she knows of the lasting effects of her teachings.  Shortly after the Humpty Dumpty Medical Centre opened for business, Aidan entered doctor's offices with less fear.  He got comfortable with some of the equipment:  he would hold still for stethoscope listening and ear checks.  Needles, he still went into survival mode - kicking, screaming, squirming, the whole meal deal....but thanks to a teacher with

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Becca said...

Samantha's teacher puts together a scrapbook for all of her students at the end of the year, too. I can't wait to see Samantha's - we have it already (today's the last day of school), but I've been too swamped with stuff to even peek at it. :-( Hope all's going well for you guys! Glad Aidan had such a great year in Kindergarten!