Thursday, February 5, 2009

Always a Humbling Experience for me..

I took Aidan to get some bloodwork done at the hospital today. It took 3 of us to hold him down, but he did great in the end. The biggest tears ever, but after a long hard cuddle, he was back to himself. The staff was amazing. . . and the woman drawing his blood said afterwards, "Do you still love me, Aidan?" Very sweet.

So, why am I humbled? While waiting for Aidan to go in, I met a family with a 16 month old - he's spent about 4 months in hospital so far with stomach problems. Now they think he has Crohn's disease. Imagine the stress this young couple has been going through! They have a 4 year old as well - and yet they were handling everything with amazing dignity.

When you're in that environment - a pediatric unit - you will always find people going through the toughest times. And, it amazes me that in those really hard, really trying moments, you get the truest glimpses of grace.

Two last thoughts:
  • My mom used to say, "it could always be worse." She never let us feel sorry for ourselves. Although I often wanted too!
  • A woman I knew in Edmonton said something I've always remembered, "A Priest told me, when you are tired of walking, think only of those who have no feet."


my life: said...

excellent the new header!
Come to my blog and pick up the award I left ya. :0)

Becca said...

Very wise words. You're so right--seeing what others go through is truly humbling. I'm glad the staff took such good care of Aidan, though! Samantha was tortured by some very nice people in the hospital tonight. :-)

Carol N. said...

Becca - what happened - is she okay?

Becca said...

eccccch. Not really. Still not eating, barely drinking, but staying hydrated. Still vomiting occasionally. It's so frustrating. I hate seeing her go through this. So THIS is what rotavirus looks like... :-(

Bethany said...

Well said!