Saturday, January 31, 2009

If You're Happy and you Know it Blog about your Kids!

I should be writing up my homework assignment, but this is a little more fun! Aidan and I had a great day last week watching bunnies hop about at the University grounds. He got such a kick out of them - the first part of this video is a recall of what the bunnies were doing. In the second part he is doing the actions to If You're Happy and you know it.

Thursday, January 29, 2009



When Kieran was 3 he asked to learn violin. When he was 4 we had him take a little trial session with a music teacher to see if he was ready. The instructor thought he needed to be just a little older, and suggested trying again when he was 6. Last year he took piano lessons and liked it a lot. Now the time has come where we have an opportunity to start Suzuki violin, and he's so proud. You can see it on his face - that look of triumph. He's only had one session - but he's eager. I rented 2 violins so I could learn along with him - and it's fun. Tonight we played "mirror", and took turns being the leader and the follower. Then we composed our own little songs and put on a show.

The photo below shows that even during his moment of glory, his littlest brother is not far behind.

Inching closer

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love Flickr (and Flickr loves me)

Just kidding - I realize Flickr doesn't love people - but it is a great place to spread the joy of our wonderful kids! I started on Flickr a couple of years ago, after Aidan had his heart surgery. Prior to the surgery we used Carepages to post photos and commentary about Aidan and his brothers and our journey to Stollery Hospital. After his little ticker was fixed I thought I should find another way to share photos with friends and family. I decided Flickr was the place (I hadn't started blogging back then!) I joined a couple of Flickr Photo Groups about people with Down syndrome, and I met a lot of great people there. But then I felt like I wanted a place where I could put photos of Aidan with his brothers and other family members. A place that would show more than just the individual with Down syndrome. I wanted people to see that our kids with Down syndrome are vital members in our family - I wanted to showcase the love, the caring, and even the normalcy of it. So, I started a photo group called Down Syndrome in the Family, and you can find it at: .

I really think starting that group is the best thing I've ever done. I met the most amazing people there - Sammi's mom, Becca is one of them. I started reading her blog because the link was posted on her Flickr profile. She gave me the idea to blog here about the boys, and through the interconnectedness of the blogosphere I have an even bigger circle of people I am now connected with (I think you know who you are - see my little blogroll).

Now my only little dream is that Oprah will pull some of us together to have an international playdate (perhaps in New Zealand so we can taste Carmen's yummy bread!) I would love to sit down and have coffee with the moms and dads I've met on-line. It would be a true joy to watch Aidan dance, read, sing, crawl over, and giggle with his virtual friends.

Well, just as I realized that Flickr doesn't hold any affection for me, I realize that the chances of the international playdate happening is next to impossible. But, it's good to have a dream, right?And boy, can this mom dream!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Aidan does the Stairs for Sammi!

Hi, this video is dedicated to Samantha - it shows how Aidan goes backwards down the stairs. Apologies for how dark it is - I really need to find the manual for the recorder!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three things Aidan did Today

1. Aidan is standing again - finally! He was doing it before Christmas for very short periods, but since he was sick, he wasn't strong enough. Now, he's at it again with a vengeance! He'll stand and sit for about 20 reps - cheering madly between each attempt. Kieran and Liam are very excited for him. It is so cute to see.

2. The big guy learned to go backwards down the stairs today - yahoo! He did it twice and managed about 5 stairs each time.

3. He was swimming like a fish during our Family Swim Lessons. He was blowing bubbles, kicking, and moving his arms through the water. He absolutely loved it. We were in the water for an hour - and he still wasn't pooped enough for a nap.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Littlest Reader

My creation

Aidan loves books - as many children his age do. I managed to capture a few photos of him while looking at his new book "Old MacDonald had a Barn." What I wasn't able to capture was his little round "o" mouth for "E-I-E-I-O." I may be biased, but it is the cutest thing ever!

On another note - the boys and I were watching The Muppets together yesterday - I was on the couch with Kieran and Liam, while Aidan was sitting on the floor in front of us. At one part, Aidan stood straight up - and the big boys and I started to lean around him to keep watching - then we realized why we had to move, and started cheering like crazy. Aidan looked shocked for a moment, then clapped with all his might! He was yelling, "YAY!!!!" along with us. Oh my gosh, it was amazing. Far better than The Muppet Show! We were so proud of him, and so happy that he was proud of himself!

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Moment Overheard

Today I had a complete stranger come in to do a little test with my son Liam. You see, a few years ago Stats Canada asked us to be involved in a long term child study. They wanted to follow the growth and development of one of my children. As Liam was the youngest at the time, we decided to nominate him. The study didn't require much: there would be phone interviews with me, and the occasional interview with Liam. My husband thinks I'm off my nut for doing this, but I felt like I had to say yes. (I guess I was raised with the golden rule, and it took hold of my senses at that moment. If I was a researcher, I would want participants, right?)
So, anyway, here we were with a strange, but kind lady in our house, asking Liam to point to pictures, count items, draw and print. Aidan and I were playing in the next room - I could hear Liam's constant chatter about toys interrupting the process - but the woman was so patient! I also paused to listen at just the right moment:
"Liam, can you write a sentence?"
"like what?"
"Oh, maybe about something you like. Maybe something like, "I like cookies."
Liam thought for a minute. "Well, I do like my mom."
Ah, my heart melted.

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Three of my Favourite "Things"

Sometimes I joke that I need a break - a spa day - a vacation from being a mom for a day. . . just a little while, a break to find again who I am, and who I aim to be. Not long, just long enough to miss them and rush back and embrace them, and breath them in and know that I belong here with them.

The other day, I had to go to the dentist to have a tooth fixed. I was sitting back beneath the bright light, while the dentist and his trusty assistant repaired my tooth, and I thought, this is it, the spa day I needed! Too funny, just long enough to miss these little men of mine:

Merry Lads