Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Love Flickr (and Flickr loves me)

Just kidding - I realize Flickr doesn't love people - but it is a great place to spread the joy of our wonderful kids! I started on Flickr a couple of years ago, after Aidan had his heart surgery. Prior to the surgery we used Carepages to post photos and commentary about Aidan and his brothers and our journey to Stollery Hospital. After his little ticker was fixed I thought I should find another way to share photos with friends and family. I decided Flickr was the place (I hadn't started blogging back then!) I joined a couple of Flickr Photo Groups about people with Down syndrome, and I met a lot of great people there. But then I felt like I wanted a place where I could put photos of Aidan with his brothers and other family members. A place that would show more than just the individual with Down syndrome. I wanted people to see that our kids with Down syndrome are vital members in our family - I wanted to showcase the love, the caring, and even the normalcy of it. So, I started a photo group called Down Syndrome in the Family, and you can find it at: .

I really think starting that group is the best thing I've ever done. I met the most amazing people there - Sammi's mom, Becca is one of them. I started reading her blog because the link was posted on her Flickr profile. She gave me the idea to blog here about the boys, and through the interconnectedness of the blogosphere I have an even bigger circle of people I am now connected with (I think you know who you are - see my little blogroll).

Now my only little dream is that Oprah will pull some of us together to have an international playdate (perhaps in New Zealand so we can taste Carmen's yummy bread!) I would love to sit down and have coffee with the moms and dads I've met on-line. It would be a true joy to watch Aidan dance, read, sing, crawl over, and giggle with his virtual friends.

Well, just as I realized that Flickr doesn't hold any affection for me, I realize that the chances of the international playdate happening is next to impossible. But, it's good to have a dream, right?And boy, can this mom dream!


Becca said...

I've met such wonderful people on Flickr, and especially you, Carol! It's such an amazing place to bring people together, through photos and stories and running commentary. The Down syndrome community there is so warm and friendly, and the children and adults with Down syndrome photographed there provide the most amazing, joyous look into their lives. I'm so happy to see some of my other blogging (and local IRL!) friends in your "followers" list!

The Down Syndrome In the Family group is a lovely bunch of people, and as you had mentioned there a long time ago and have brought up again here, I am still waiting for that coffee gathering! Perhaps Victoria, BC would be a good location, too.

my life: said...

This is a lovely post! It is so good to feel that connectedness with people...walking a like path...I love it! I ALSO love your new profile pic! it is so yummy!!! :0)