Tuesday, June 28, 2011

If Birds Read Poetry 2 - and Someday Dreams

Collage has opened a whole new world to me with my paintings.  I have been dipping into my memory of poems and text I read twenty years ago as an English Literature Major at Trent University. 

I have a little someday dream. . . to have The Little Gull Studio in a floating house at Fisherman's Wharf.  I would sell paintings, cards, t-shirts, mugs, and host little painting workshops.  It would be cozy and lovely and a way of life to make you happy.  The best part?  Aidan would work with me.  And, perhaps if he wanted to, he could live on the Floating House.

Ah, to dream a little dream.

If Birds Read Poetry

If Birds Read Poetry 2

The Owl Swing: Poem for Babies Born with Down Syndrome

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boat for Hope

This is what we did today:

We celebrated family, community, and jolly-fun pirating :o)

boat for hope

Checking the Map

In the Navy...

boat for hope

Such a gorgeous day for this event!  The lads had a blast - and will be talking about Boat for Hope all year. How do I know?  Because they talked about last year's event up until today :o)

Thank you to Variety, Pharmasave, and all the volunteers who made this day so incredible for our little pirates. We are truly grateful.

And I am grateful because when I see the sailors, I think of my dad.  Here he is on the ship giving my sister a bath in the sink in 1964. 

Friday, June 3, 2011

Holiday in the Park

Aidan and I were recently home to Ontario to visit family and friends and old brick houses (I love old brick houses). It was a whirlwind gift of a trip from my husband for completing my Master's Degree in Elementary Education (with a specialty in librarianship).

We visited our favourite people in four different Ontario cities/towns, and even took in a beautiful wedding where my cousin Scott and his bride, Tricia were married.

This was a trip where I got to see and do everything I wanted/needed to do, and then some. At the wedding (which was held in Stratford), I learned that my father was the youngest Captain to sail on the Great Lakes. How did I not know that? My Aunt Elsie's sister, Eleanor, told me this little detail that made my heart swell up with pride. One smart cookie, my dad was.

I also learned that Aidan could dance until 1:00 in the morning Ontario time (10:00 our time). Who knew he was such a rock star?

My three sweet nieces were a delight to visit with. I am so very proud of them - they are amazing. Here are a few photos of our visit with my sister and her three girls. I should mention that my niece, Courtney took several of the Aidan photos.  She has a great eye for photography :o)

My Nieces

The beginning



Aidan - goin' round