Friday, June 3, 2011

Holiday in the Park

Aidan and I were recently home to Ontario to visit family and friends and old brick houses (I love old brick houses). It was a whirlwind gift of a trip from my husband for completing my Master's Degree in Elementary Education (with a specialty in librarianship).

We visited our favourite people in four different Ontario cities/towns, and even took in a beautiful wedding where my cousin Scott and his bride, Tricia were married.

This was a trip where I got to see and do everything I wanted/needed to do, and then some. At the wedding (which was held in Stratford), I learned that my father was the youngest Captain to sail on the Great Lakes. How did I not know that? My Aunt Elsie's sister, Eleanor, told me this little detail that made my heart swell up with pride. One smart cookie, my dad was.

I also learned that Aidan could dance until 1:00 in the morning Ontario time (10:00 our time). Who knew he was such a rock star?

My three sweet nieces were a delight to visit with. I am so very proud of them - they are amazing. Here are a few photos of our visit with my sister and her three girls. I should mention that my niece, Courtney took several of the Aidan photos.  She has a great eye for photography :o)

My Nieces

The beginning



Aidan - goin' round



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