Saturday, June 4, 2011

Boat for Hope

This is what we did today:

We celebrated family, community, and jolly-fun pirating :o)

boat for hope

Checking the Map

In the Navy...

boat for hope

Such a gorgeous day for this event!  The lads had a blast - and will be talking about Boat for Hope all year. How do I know?  Because they talked about last year's event up until today :o)

Thank you to Variety, Pharmasave, and all the volunteers who made this day so incredible for our little pirates. We are truly grateful.

And I am grateful because when I see the sailors, I think of my dad.  Here he is on the ship giving my sister a bath in the sink in 1964. 


Becca said...

What a fun day!!! Btw, I love, love, love that photo of your father with your sister. A beautiful snapshot of a beautiful moment. :-)

Carol N. said...

Thanks Becca - I love it too! I actually have the ship's clock from the Frank A Sherman when it was retired :o)