Saturday, August 22, 2009

Three and Forty One

Three years ago today I was sitting in the Women's Hospital in Winnipeg. It was my birthday and I'd just given birth to my third son, Aidan. He was fresh and new and I loved him, and I worried over him, and I understood that our lives would change. I wrote everything in a notebook. Every doctor, social worker, nurse who's words mattered, I wrote them down. It helped a lot to feel I had some control - even if it was only in the formation of letters on a page.

I was hopeful. Something deep inside of me believed that this little guy was meant to be in our family - completely. I had great hope that he would help us to be a better family. Better people. Help me to be a better person. A better mother. While at the same time, knowing that I'm not better than my neighbour because my son has special needs - I only compare myself to my own self, and that is all.

Today, Aidan played with balloons and felt tremendous joy. He sat at the table and ripped up a pita into little crumbs and he listened to our conversation. He refused to eat cake. He refused to lick icing. He was excited to get two Elmo DVD's. He was happy to take Charlie for a walk. He sat on my knee while we blew out candles. He wore a play cowboy hat when we went to the park. He yelled at me when I tried to put him to bed for a nap. He pulled things off shelves at the pet store. He met an 11 year-old boy with Down syndrome, and stared sleepily at his parents. He dozed in the car on the way home.

Today, I turned 41. I got an Elmo cake; and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Harry Potter and the day of the crafty boys

This week, besides our world circling around a new dog in the family, we have been engaging in Harry Potter "stuff." First, James and the boys read the first book together. Then, when it was finished they had a movie day and watched the first film. Yesterday, Kieran designed a new Harry Potter craft. This is a boy who does not like to draw/colour/cut, or anything crafty. But, when he's inspired, great things happen. Check our Kieran's Harry Potter finger puppet:

When Liam saw how much fun Kieran was having with it, he had to make one too:

Then, he went on to a little origami...he worked so hard!

Thank you Harry Potter for still inspiring kids to do amazing things.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Aidan's speech blossoming

Today, as clear as day, Aidan said, "I love you Charlie."

Well, the "Charlie" word wasn't very clear, but it was pretty great nonetheless, and the other 3 words were clear as a bell.

I do believe Charlie loves him right back - last night, Charlie the Velcro Dog (always stuck to me) wasn't behind me like I thought. When I went to look for him, I found him asleep beside Aidan's crib (Aidan was also asleep). I'm pleased, Charlie knows who drops the most cheerios :o)

Friday, August 14, 2009

100% Chance of Charlie!

Batman and Charlie the Velcro Dog!

Charlie didn't blink an eye when the masked hero flew to his side. He's calm in the middle of the crazy...and I love that about him. By the way, notice Liam looking lovingly at Charlie. Until recently, Liam has been terrified of dogs (we don't know why).

Love that boy/Love that dog

Kieran is so patient with Charlie - as kind and loving as he is with Aidan. Both bring out the compassionate side of my dear spirited boy.

Aidan and my sun hat
Charlie was on the rug, but I didn't get him in the shot. Aidan looks pretty fine in my sun hat, and he is pretty darn tickled by Charlie. Luckily Charlie seems to adore him right back (another reason why Charlie seems like the perfect dog for us.)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Add one billy goat. . .

...a dog.

Charlie Boy

Yes, we have a dog, named Charlie, that we are possibly adopting. We have him for a week on a trial basis as we all seem to suffer from allergies. Aidan is over the moon for his new furry friend. He chuckles when he sees him. Kieran is so proud when he takes him for walks. He's getting quite bossy with the rest of us - telling us what Charlie likes best. Liam is slowly getting over his fear of dogs, and let Charlie sit beside him, without freaking out. I'm enjoying the walks and being the leader of the pack - Charlie has quickly become "velcro dog" (a name given to him by my friend, Karen)- he follows me everywhere.