Friday, August 14, 2009

100% Chance of Charlie!

Batman and Charlie the Velcro Dog!

Charlie didn't blink an eye when the masked hero flew to his side. He's calm in the middle of the crazy...and I love that about him. By the way, notice Liam looking lovingly at Charlie. Until recently, Liam has been terrified of dogs (we don't know why).

Love that boy/Love that dog

Kieran is so patient with Charlie - as kind and loving as he is with Aidan. Both bring out the compassionate side of my dear spirited boy.

Aidan and my sun hat
Charlie was on the rug, but I didn't get him in the shot. Aidan looks pretty fine in my sun hat, and he is pretty darn tickled by Charlie. Luckily Charlie seems to adore him right back (another reason why Charlie seems like the perfect dog for us.)

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