Thursday, January 29, 2009



When Kieran was 3 he asked to learn violin. When he was 4 we had him take a little trial session with a music teacher to see if he was ready. The instructor thought he needed to be just a little older, and suggested trying again when he was 6. Last year he took piano lessons and liked it a lot. Now the time has come where we have an opportunity to start Suzuki violin, and he's so proud. You can see it on his face - that look of triumph. He's only had one session - but he's eager. I rented 2 violins so I could learn along with him - and it's fun. Tonight we played "mirror", and took turns being the leader and the follower. Then we composed our own little songs and put on a show.

The photo below shows that even during his moment of glory, his littlest brother is not far behind.

Inching closer

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