Friday, May 8, 2009

Curse me and my spontaneous moments!!

Today was amazing. A morning playdate with another family that went well. After lunch, Liam was off to Kindergarten and Aidan and I decided to go for a drive to the wharf.

It was a beautiful day - the sky was amazing with clouds that begged to be painted. But it was sunny and warm too. Lots of people were out enjoying the spirit of Spring. They were friendly to one another, it was the kind of day where you just knew that nothing bad could happen.

Aidan and I walked along the wharf, admiring the floating houses. Wishing we could buy one of the three that were for sale. What for? Well, admitedly, not to live on it. I've just always wanted a place like that to escape to. A writer's studio of sorts. If I win the lottery, that might be on my to do list.

Floating Houses
photo courtesy Corciega on Flickr

We discovered two seals that make their home at the wharf. You can buy fish to feed them. They actually jump out of the water if you hold the fish up for them. Aidan was thrilled. The seal looked at him with such a beautiful look, I was giddy with joy.
Harbour Seal, Victoria BC
photo courtesy molajen on Flickr

Giddy, and without a camera. Curse these spontaneous adventures where I'm unprepared to capture the beauty of the day. But, thankfully Creative Commons Search saved the day - and I borrowed some graphics, legally (I think).

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Becca said...

Wow, what a beautiful place, and a perfect day! Yes, I often wonder how I can capture all of those moments without hauling my camera around with me 24-7. I always find those perfect shots during the most inopportune moments (like driving, LOL). Yes, a writer's shanty would be amazing there. Maybe you can find someone to rent from one day!