Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Little Celebrity

So, Aidan was on the TV not once, but twice this week.  Both times for the Music Therapy program.  The Ronald McDonald House Charity just donated $30000 to build a multi-sensory room for children with critical illnesses to have a studio to relax in. 

While Aidan and his friend Sarah are not critically ill (thank goodness, touch wood...), Johanne asked that they be at the media event to help accept the cheque.  Aidan and Sarah will be able to use the room if they are having a bad day or simply needing a calming space (the therapy room is quite stimulating with all of the instruments).  I think she chose our kids as opposed to someone who is terminally ill to go on camera as it would be less stressful for them.  Everybody is different, but I know that when we were in that horrible time of waiting for heart surgery, I would have found the act of speaking to the media too emotionally charged to handle.  My nerves were raw...

Thankfully, thankfully, we've come through the other side of that stress and now can experience the joy of putting it all behind us.

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Erin said...

You've been nominated for a Happy Award.