Monday, June 7, 2010

Boat for Hope

This weekend we transformed ourselves into pirates for the annual Variety charity called Boat for Hope

Liam ahoy!

Ahoy Kier!

People donate time, energy and their boats to take people with disabilities (and their families) for a boating adventure.  This year we got to ride in a Whale Watching Boat.  Our captain gave up a day of work to volunteer his time for this amazing charity.  There were whales out...and he was missing it...but he didn't care.  He took his two children along, and together they experienced the joy of coming together as a community for a great cause.

on the boat for hope

I told them how very important the charity was to our family.  How Variety Heart in Winnipeg helped us to get to Edmonton to get Aidan's heart fixed when he was only five months old.  How we'll always be grateful.

When we docked and were leaving.  Our Captain (wish I knew his name) gave Aidan a little pat on the shoulder and said, "take care of your mom, big guy."

I wanted to cry.  I guess I have a soft spot for pirates.

mother pirates are proud too...


Karen said...

Gosh, that made me go all mushy too. And that last photo! Oh! It's perfect!

Michelle said...

now that looks like it was a fun time for a great cause!