Saturday, October 16, 2010

A Whole Whack of Love

That's my cousin Sharon.  I used to be the little kid listening to her tell stories to the adults about teaching on a First Nations Reserve.  I probably looked like I wasn't listening, because I was playing with Barbie Dolls, or colouring; but I was.  I grew up wanting to be like Sharon.

In '93 I moved out to Saskatchewan and got to know Sharon from an adult's point of view. Nothing really changed, I still looked up to her.  I wish I could be a fly on her classroom wall, 'cause I think I could learn a whole whack about teaching from her.

See the guy holding Aidan in the photo below?  He was only two when I moved to Saskatchwan.  I lived with Sharon for a couple of months helping to look after her kids while the school year ended.  They lived in the middle of the woods, and I used to be afraid that a bear would eat him.

I am so proud of Daniel.  When he holds Aidan, you can see the kind of person he is.  Caring. Kind. Sweet.  One of the good ones. 

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