Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How do you do?

Picture this:

A circle of moms chatting outside the school doors after the classes have filed in.  Aidan marches into the circle and proceeds to shake hands with each mom.  Insert a cute little chuckle attached to a blond-haired, blue-eyed, sweetie boy.  He knew he was being charming. 

Aidan's accomplishment?  Wrapping my friends around his little finger right along with me.

(BTW - the photo is an old one - but I love it!)


Becca said...

I love that photo, too. :-) And I love that CHARM!!!! What a sweetie! Can't wait to meet him, one day. Hope he gives me a hug instead of a handshake, though.

Anonymous said...

I'm behind in my readings here. But way to go Aidan! Though it feels weird not to have him in the preschool this year, it's fab to read he's got such a great teacher this year!