Friday, March 13, 2009

What the Little Stinker has been up to. . .

This week has brought a real change in Aidan's behaviour. He has turned from our sweet, lovable, agreeable little billy goat into a full grown, stubborn, ranting ram. I'm shocked. I really am!

He has been having tantrums at supper time for the last couple of days. When I try to put him in his chair, he arches his back, lashes out, kicks, and yells like a banshee. His yell shakes my world, it truly does. Yesterday he kicked his bowl of applesauce which landed all over me. Tonight we gave him his first time out. In fact we gave him 6.

We removed him from the table, told him he was going into a time-out for yelling and kicking. He screamed all the way there. When he wanted up I asked, "will you eat now?" "Will you sit nicely?" "No kicking?" When he nodded to each of my requests I picked him up and tried again. It took 6 trips to time-out. Then finally, the pay-off! He let me put him back in the chair without arching, screaming, thrashing out. We all praised him, "oh, good boy, sitting nicely, nice feet - no kicking"...etc.

He clapped, said, "Yay" and ate his supper with lots of cheers and smiling going on.

I must say, it was a real battle of the wills tonight, and boy can he be a stinker when he sets his mind to it!


Bethany said...

Oh, you naughty little ram! So not funny, but I love it! LOL

Linda said...

I hear you sister! What determination and will! The need for Time out rolled around in our house too!