Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nothing Gold can Stay...

Such a lovely couple of days. We attended Variety's Boat for Hope and had such an amazing time. The Navy, Coastguard, Fire/Rescue, etc. hosted a day of incredible fun for kids with special needs and their families. I'm planning to write more about the event when I have photos ready to post.

Then, today we had Kieran's First Communion and Confirmation. Kieran looked so grown up standing in front of the church. He was quite serious through the whole event, but after he took a sip of the wine, he made such a hilarious face. He didn't mean to, but his whole body kind of shook like he'd just tasted Buckley's Cough Syrup. Later he said, the wine MADE me do that! Liam found that quite funny.

In the afternoon, to celebrate our new and wonderful life here on the coast, we went to the ocean. Aidan loved playing in the sand. At one point he was lying flat on his belly making sand angels. Kieran played football with James, and Liam ran between the play structures and the water (much like a puppy, that boy). I dreamed that I could be in one of the lovely sail boats writing a story, and then we had to get back home for supper and baths and bed.

Such a perfect day. A perfect weekend. One of those, "I'm grateful to be alive" times in life that bring such great and profound joy.

But, nothing gold can stay... now Aidan is coughing up a storm, and it's beginning to sound a lot like croup. Will be spending the next while monitoring to see if it's bad enough to go to Emergency. He's resting now after being steamed and having a long cuddle and an inhaler, hopefully it won't be a bad spell.


my life: said...

I'm so glad you had such a wonderful weekend! I wish I could have seen his reaction. :0)

You must keep us updated on the pumpkin...I hope that all calmed down with him.

Michelle said...

I hope Aiden is feeling better! Thanks for your suggestion; I'm not sure if they allow kids to do part of the day in each grade - but that is certainly something I'll be asking about! I'll find out if there is something like that for Kayla that can be worked out; it does seem like a good compromise to having her go full time in 1st grade.

Becca said...

Oh dear, I hope Aidan's feeling better. I have never seen croup up close and personal, but it sounds just awful. Sammi sends lots of hugs!