Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Music Therapy

Aidan is in music therapy - and loves every minute of it (as do I). It truly is the best part of our week. Our therapist, Johanne, is beyond amazing. She delights in the kids - and you can see by the joy on her face and in her music, that she loves her job. (I haven't put a picture of her here because I haven't asked for permission yet).

The photo below shows Aidan waiting for his session to begin. Usually there is another little boy eating his lunch after his session, and the two of them hug one another, and smile at each other. We get there early and wait, because I think the before and after can be just as important as the middle. I love how Aidan's face is lit up in this picture:

A typical session begins and ends with a hello/goodbye song. Then Aidan and another participant take turns making choices using photographs of the different instruments and activities.

Here's Aidan, choosing an instrument:

Johanne usually plays a song on the piano while he accompanies her on various instruments. Here he is playing the chimes:

and the drum:
and the keyboard:

Thank goodness for music therapy. Also thanks to our local Down Syndrome Society for assisting with the cost of this wonderful program!


My name is Sarah said...

Oh I am so glad Aidan likes music therapy. So do I.

Carol N. said...

Thanks, Sarah!

Ashley said...

He melts my heart!! So cute!!

Bethany said...

Love this! My girls LOVE music too! I am enrolling Nika in a music class ... it starts after the new year. I wish Payton could come too, but it is held when she is in school.

Michelle said...

how fun! I wish Kayla had the opportunity to go to music therapy; well we did do Kindermusic
when she was younger and she enjoyed that :)