Thursday, December 3, 2009

Busy day...

Aidan and I have had a lot of appointments this week. He was to a pediatric opthamologist and now has a new prescription for glasses. He was great at the appointment, and so cute. After the drops were put in his eyes (which he did not like at all, and screamed and yelled and twisted and turned), he sat up and signed "all done!" The doctor chuckled. We went back to the waiting room while his eyes dilated enough.

We met a grandmother there who was waiting for her daughter and her granddaughter to finish. Aidan went and sat beside her and they read a book together. She was quite taken with Aidan, and he really liked her too. When we had to leave, he blew her a kiss. The rest of the appointment went fine. Dr. P. said he was a model patient!

Today he had a needle at our pediatrician's. Another lady in the waiting room fell in love with him. She said she had a friend who had Down syndrome when she was a kid, and that she found him to be so "pure."

I'm not sure if pure is the right word, but the fact that people are connecting with my little guy does my heart good.

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Becca said...

Pure is a funny word, but I, too, don't fault people with good hearts for using incorrect terminology or for saying things that are slightly stereotypical or a little 'off'. LOL
And how could people NOT connect with Aidan!? :-) Glad his appointments went well!