Wednesday, March 10, 2010

More on painting

I guess I get a little obsessed with things.  I've been working on two more paintings of the Owl and the Pussycat.  This time with a purpose:  baby gifts for a friend and a colleague.

This one I started first and finished last:

What I liked about this painting

  • the piggy wearing a sailor suit (a happy accident - the way I initially painted it, there was a sloppy bit that looked a little like the tie on the sailor's shirt).
  • the islands in the background.  Originally I'd painted a lighthouse at the left, but felt it was too much, especially so close to the owl.
  • The pussycat is drinking tea from a china cup. 
What I did not like:
  • the owl - I could not decide whether he should be a snowy or a great horned owl.  I've been struggling with him the most.  I debated about a pair of spectacles, but refrained. His head was too big initially so I had to rework it.  I know the owl could  be better, but for now - I give up.
This second painting is different in that it is done on stretched canvas as opposed to canvas board.  I've only painted one miniature on stretched canvas, so this was a fairly new venture.

    What I liked about this version:
  • the boat worked out quite well.
  • I didn't have to struggle with the owl.
  • the water has a different shade of blue that I thought worked out well.
  • the clouds were fun to create.

I also loved the depth of the sides allowing me to extend the scenes to the sides:
    That's it for now.  I know the photographs aren't the best, but they serve a purpose anyhow, I suppose.
    The boys are waking - have to go be a mom . . .

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my life: said...

These are SO cute! I absolutely LOVE them!