Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Glasses for a Day

I can see clearly now!

Finally, finally, finally.  Aidan wore his glasses while watching Elmo.  Aidan wore his glasses while eating.  Aidan wore his glasses while sitting on the deck enjoying the flowers.  Aidan wore his glasses.

Then.  Mommy. Stepped. On. Them.

Oh the shame. 

Going to make a visit with the optical dispensary to see if they can be fixed...and will order a second pair.  Maybe in neon yellow so they don't blend in with the hardwood.  Good idea, no?


Becca said...

Hey, it's been a while!! So glad to see you posting again! Aidan looks SOOOO handsome and frighteningly (but handsomely) grown up in those glasses!! Bummer that they didn't last long, though. Hope you can get a new pair soon!

Carol N. said...

Update. Aidan's glasses were fixed this afternoon, and we ordered a second pair for backup. Not neon, but we walk carefully and look at the floor if they're not on his nose.