Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mon petite billy goat

My goodness...I've been a bad, bad blogger. So much going on, but not writing it down.

Okay, here is a little glimpse at a tiny scene of the day...

Today at preschool Aidan followed the arrival procedure without a fight. We waited outside until the duty kids rang the bells. Then, we entered the little red schoolhouse, hung his bag and coat up. Changed shoes, and washed hands. Then he put his name on the fridge door (without being guided to do so) before proceeding to play

Today was day 5, and during all of our previous visits I have had to hold him back from running in to play so that he could learn the routine. Previously he cried, twisted, turned, and made me feel like an evil, bad, horrible troll that wasn't letting him cross the bridge to get to the other side.

Today things clicked. I was so proud of him.

Today I was a very happy troll.


Becca said...

Hooray for "clicking!" I love that moment where they just get it. I'm so happy to hear he's settling in so well! Can't wait to hear about more of his school adventures.

Carol N. said...

Thanks Becca!