Monday, January 10, 2011

Little Operation

Today we took Aidan to the hospital for minor surgery.  He got tubes put in his ears.  The hope is that he will hear better and be able to reproduce speech sounds more accurately. 

If this doesn't help, then we're pretty sure there's another issue.  Perhaps apraxia?  Time will tell.

He wasn't very impressed with not eating or drinking this morning.  He made his way to the Cheerio cupboard 8 times, only to be turned away empty handed.  Poor pumpkin. 

He was polite with the nurses, up until a point. The point being when they held onto his arm or foot firmly to put numbing cream on the back of his hand and a monitor on his big toe.  He yelled out, "ooooo," and "owie."  It would have broken my heart if it wasn't so darn cute.

I was impressed that they let me take him right into the operating room, and wait with him until the anaesthetic knocked him out.  I held him and sang "The Owl and the Pussycat" for old-times sake.  Just like  I did 4 years ago when he went under for heart surgery.  Ah, good times.


Soggy Dog Studios said...

Hi Carol... Oh how cute your 3 little billy goats are!!! How is your little guy Aidan doing? My son was recently diagnosed with Apraxia... It has been a long journey of trying to figure out just what was going on... with speech & fine motor... but he is going to therapy now and we are making great strides! Hope the tubes help Aidan!!! :) xox - Kim

Becca said...

Awwww, sweet boy!!! Glad he took it all in stride - he's a trooper! I hope the tubes work their magic for him.

Bethany said...

Hope the tubes work ... otherwise let me know if you have to join the apraxia train ... I'm happy to share my wisdom, or lack thereof. LOL