Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Canada Day - Hip Hip Hooray!

Yes, it's Canada Day all day today, and I was able to share it with my sister and 3 lovely nieces. We had a great day - a walk to the park, a play in the yard, a snuggled-up movie, and birthday cake (for my sister, though it could have been for Canada too, had I put maple leaves on it instead of the daisies).
What has amazed me about this trip is how easily loved my little man is. When I first arrived, my friend, Jules, picked me up at the Toronto airport. I spent 2 days with her family and watched as her children fell head-over-heals for Aidan. I have pictures to prove it. . . you can see the love on their sweet faces:

And my nieces just carried on with the love fest:

How did I get so blessed? That's what I want to know! There are more photos and more stories, which I'll try to get back to before returning to my Mom's place (where computers dare not tread). Until then, happy Canada Day, everyone!

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