Thursday, July 23, 2009

Of Tide Pools and Other Stuff

We're on holiday - enjoying the ocean at low tide and the warm tide pools that come with it. Aidan splashed happily in one yesterday, sharing it with little sea creatures like the tiny crabs that were the size of my fingertips. Aidan likes to clean things up, so he was throwing bits of sea weed away from him. He polished a clam shell against his chest, and watched as kids raced about trying to keep upright on their skimmer/skimming (?) boards.

Five minutes into our tide pool adventure a teen girl with Down syndrome came and joined us. She said hi to Aidan, and he waved back. Then she went about collecting bits of shells from the pool. I was curious, as I always am. Does she recognize that he has Down syndrome too? I wanted to chat with her mom, but as her mom stayed back and didn't come over, I didn't push it.

Still, of all the gin joints - I mean tide pools.... perhaps I should have gone and introduced myself anyway. I'm not usually shy to talk to strangers, but I seem to becoming more reserved as I get older. Maybe it's a Canadian thing?

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