Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aidan's speaking in other languages again

I wish I could unlock what Aidan is saying. Clearly it's in a language I haven't mastered yet - because he understands himself perfectly! I can tell by the way he intersperses his chat with the heartiest of chuckles.

His talk today went something like this:

Kung Pao Poutine Blah Blah Chuckle Chuckle Yep Oi Guy Ding Chuckle Yep.

Perhaps he's listening to James while he orders out?

Oh well, someday it will all be crystal clear.


Becca said...

I understood him perfectly!! He said "Mommy, I want that take-out with the chicken and the peanuts, please." :-) Oh, you'll understand him soon enough, Carol. It's great that he's making his own sentences that he understands--his own language is certainly a precursor to ours! He's such a little cutie. I haven't see you around in a while--are you on Facebook, by chance? Sorry, I haven't been on flickr for more than a few seconds in ages. Gotta get back into the swing of things myself. :-)

Unknown said...

I'm pretty sure my Kaya would understand Aidan perfectly. The language described seems to be the exact same that she is using. :o)

Carol N. said...

BeccA - your probably right!

Mikael - they could interpret for us! Maybe Google is working on that right now...