Saturday, December 27, 2008

Life is good on a Winter Afternoon

Our littlest guy is eating again - hooray! It's been a tough two weeks since he got sick with Croup, was in hospital, and has been fighting fevers, cough, congestion, everything. Mealtime was so stressful because he was screaming bloody murder. But giving him nothing hurt too, because we could see the weight coming off of him, his chubby belly shrinking. That's not easy for a mom like me to watch. Now that he seems to have turned the corner and is accepting food without a fight, I'm sighing the sigh of a very relieved mommy.

Left foot, green


Becca said...

First of all, Carol, this is a great idea to separate the two blogs. They're both so different from each other, and your original plan still needed space--I loved the tone and creativity of your thoughts. This works perfectly as a place to celebrate your kids and your family, and to chart the progress of darling little Aidan!

Second, I'm so glad Aidan's feeling better after his illness. I'm continually frustrated daily by the fact that Samantha still isn't back to eating properly. She says she isn't hungry and refuses everything, but is getting slowly better. I'm sure she won't waste away...

Carol N. said...

Thanks Becca. You know seeing Aidan not eat for nearly 2 weeks was so difficult. We were feeding him baby blueberries with a syringe - can you believe it? Finally he's eating again, and he gets so excited about cookies his eyes actually twinkle. Life's good again. Hope that comes quickly for Samantha too.