Monday, December 29, 2008

Barnyard Boy

Sometimes I'm afraid to say things like, "Aidan's getting better", because it seems like the words are no sooner out of my mouth, than he's sick again. I really hope the worst is over because it's hard to watch him (and hear him) struggling for breath. We were let out of the hospital 2 days ago, and Aidan has been recovering slowly. Poor little pumpkin muffin gets croup so easily - and he sounds just like a squeaky duck when he has it.

Speaking of ducks, I'm posting my favourite "barnyard" photos of him. He's getting good at saying "moo", "quack", and he pants like a puppy. The barn is one of his favourite toys.

My husband doesn't like that last photo because he said Aidan's head looks enormous and cartoonish - but I quite like it. He often looks up at us like that, and I love those blue eyes searching mine!

I love the determination in Aidan's body language - he is trying so hard to support himself, and he really is quite proud. It reminds me of the Friendly Giant.

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