Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Two out of Three Billy Goats

Getting all three boys in a shot at the same time doesn't happen very often, and today was no exception. Liam was off playing on his own (with Kieran's Christmas toys!) while Kieran gave Aidan a tutorial on Star Wars. We thought Aidan would be afraid of the Clone helmet, but nope! He wanted to try it on too, of course! Once he learned what buttons to push to make it talk, he was hooked on it. Kieran is so patient with Aidan, it does my Princess Leia heart good.

What the Heck?

I had fun taking the photo below. Aidan was a very good model, he actually gets upset now when I put the camera away! I just love the little Batman Pj's my mom got him for Christmas (that James picked out). One can never have enough super heroes around (especially when you are as clumsy as me).

Fun with my little model


Nicole said...

Your kids are adorable! Canada got a lot of snow huh? My aunt is from Ontario and was just down to visit in Ohio. She said that there was a lot!

Carol N. said...

Thanks, Nicole! Yes, we did get a lot of snow - and my family back in Ontario has been hit with it as well.

my life: said...

I LOVE this shot!!! Esp. the reflection of you. :0)

Carol N. said...

Thanks, it was one of the rare ones that turned out! I usually have to take 20 of Aidan to get one good one. I got lucky and we were both clear-ish.