Monday, December 29, 2008

Reflecting on Aidan's Heart

I'm remembering two Christmases ago and how we were so stressed waiting for Aidan's heart surgery. The most difficult part seemed to be keeping him away from people with colds. When we were invited to the Christmas party for the Variety Heart Centre - we couldn't say no (despite my germophobic tendencies at the time).

It turned out to be a nice evening, with a visit from Santa. The photo of Aidan was in the newspaper the next morning with a headline that read: All he wants for Christmas is a heart that is whole. James and I were excited to see the photo, but the headline was awfully depressing! This photo doesn't even look like Aidan to me - but it's him alright! He sat in Santa's arms for nearly 20 minutes while an embarrassing amount of photos were taken.

A week later, Leah, our cardiac nurse phoned to say Aidan's Christmas wish came true - we had a date set for the beginning of January to go to Edmonton for the surgery. We were so relieved. And you know what - it restored my belief in the power of Santa Claus!

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