Friday, October 9, 2009

31 for 21 - Day 9: Other way around

When Aidan first came into our lives, a few people said, "God gives these kids to special families." I didn't contradict them, but I think they had it backwards - and I know I've said it before: we're the lucky ones. We benefit every day from having Aidan in our family. I would not give him up. Ever. Thankfully we live in an era where keeping our child seems to be the norm.

Aidan after surgery
Aidan after his heart was fixed.

But norms change. And I really fear that mothers are persuaded a little too much to have testing done, and are encouraged a little too often to think that there is something wrong with their child...before they're even born. Sometimes they're persuaded to terminate the pregnancy in the early stages - and I feel so sad for the doctors who think this is best. They obviously don't know anyone with Down syndrome. They haven't had that bond...yet.


my life: said...

LOVING this picture...Emma is sitting here with me and we are both in love with is hair!

Fergie said...

Hey Carol, this post struck a chord with me. I read The Memory Keeper's Daughter this summer (on your recommendation) and then the other day in science class my kids and I were talking about genes and from there we started talking about different genetic disorders, down syndrome, you and your family and how people used to put people with down syndrome into homes. My kids were quite horrified with that idea. They all remembered Aidan and couldn't believe that anyone would have ever done that. Hope your Thanksgiving is going well!

Carol N. said...

Amber and Emma - thanks! I'm glad his hair still makes people smile!

Fergie, thanks for commenting! - I'm glad they remember Aidan and that you guys have a real live little guy to put everything into context. I miss you guys! :o)