Saturday, October 3, 2009

31 for 21 - Day 3: Advocate This...

Get It Down; 31 for 21

In my humble opinion the best advocacy I can do for my son and people with Down syndrome is take Aidan out in the community with me. Little old ladies stop to chat with us in the grocery store. We meet other families who have children with Down syndrome in parking lots and we exchange quick nuggets of information. We play with other children at the playground. We volunteer in the school so that the teachers, students and support staff, parents all get to know Aidan.

He's a magnet. Other people, young and old seem to be drawn to him. I have never experienced a negative moment when we're out and about.

Aidan waves to people. Laughs. High fives. Claps. Talks on his hand phone. Plays ring-around-the-rosie. And basically charms everyone he meets.

I don't have to stand behind a podium to advocate for Aidan, though the day may come when I'll want to. For now, the best thing we can do is be out there for the simple joy of it.

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