Thursday, October 29, 2009

31 for 21 - Day 29: Happy Post....

The boys are looking forward to Halloween with great excitement. We had fun picking out pumpkins, scraping out pumpkins and carving pumpkins. We love Halloween, and I feel a little sad that the schools here can't/don't celebrate. They had a wear orange and black day, but it just doesn't seem the same. I know that it's important to be respectful of other cultures in our public schools, but at the same time, I miss the way we used to go all out when we were kids.

Charlie is a great, patient dog with Aidan, and I'm so glad. Now, I wish I could socialize Charlie with other dogs. That part of adopting an older dog is a little frustrating as we don't think he was socialized with other dogs at all.

Though Aidan finds it all very humorous.

On a different note, we are having a group of preschoolers/toddlers over to the house tomorrow for a Halloween storytime. I made haunted houses with a scroll of Halloween creatures that move through the door while we do a poem. I"m happy with how they turned out.

The poem, which Aidan LOVES goes like this:

Tip toe, tip toe, tip toe, tip toe.
Who's that knocking at my door.
Could it be a __________ (ghost, mummy, witch, monster, black cat, etc.)?
Run, run, run. Run, run, run.
I don't know the author of this little poem to give them credit. I heard it at Liam's old preschool. Ihave to catch Aidan doing this on video - his little scream is hilarious.
Take care everyone, and happy Halloween when the time comes!

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Chrissy C said...

Hey Carol,
I thought I would check out your blog again as I haven't in awhile. The kids just love watching the videos of Aiden. He is too cute for words! He is learning so much, thanks to a great Mommy like you. :) Thanks again for the paper house. It is in the car and Katie taught Madeline the words and now they both sing it in the car.

See you at school.