Friday, October 23, 2009

31 for 21 - Skipped a few - Day 23: Aidan Antics

Don't let this peaceful photo of a sleeping Aidan fool you, the times are getting busy with the littlest billy goat.

Two days ago, he was watching Elmo, so I was in the next room getting his lunch ready. I could hear him laughing, so I assumed he was enjoying the show. Unfortunately when I peaked around the corner it was to see that he'd discovered the fun in his diaper and had been doing his equivalent of body painting. "Straight into the bath with you little boy." My fault, totally my fault.

Yesterday we were expecting company for supper. Aidan was on the potty and I ran down to open the door, then said, "Aidan's on his own I have to get up there." When I got back to him, he was one very happy little boy, sitting on the bathroom floor surrounded by a whole roll of unrolled toilet paper. Shredding it and throwing it into the air like pieces of confetti. "Hooray!"

Alas, these are two of our anecdotes about Aidan's antics. Alliteration always awesome.

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Fergie said...

All I can say is Ha, Ha! At least he's having fun! I'm sure I'll have days like that with Addie!